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Kyocera launches new “We Love Engineers” brand campaign

New video honors world’s engineers who innovate in their own unique style.

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Kyoto/London − Kyocera Corporation presented its new brand campaign “We Love Engineers”. The company kicks off the new year by honoring the engineering profession and the big variety of innovations engineers have brought into our lives throughout the years. The 60-second video will premiere on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google’s Display & Video 360 online platforms.

Video: Click here or visit
Kyocera’s new brand campaign: “We Love Engineers”

Engineers’ daily efforts to enrich everybody’s life

Kyocera was founded in 1959 by an engineer — the late Dr. Kazuo Inamori, who was elected into the U.S. National Academy of Engineering in 2000 — joined by a small group of colleagues who wanted to bring his new ceramic technology to the world. Over the last 60+ years, the company’s employees (now numbering more than 83,000) have collaborated closely with other creative engineers around the world to develop innovations in high-technology fields, including semiconductors, electronics, document solutions, medical devices, energy, automotive, and aerospace, to name a few. Engineers commit their time and energy day by day to invent and manufacture products that enrich our lives for a better future. Kyocera sincerely appreciates the tireless daily efforts made by engineers, and this campaign was developed in recognition of their contributions to society.

Campaign overview

Title "We Love Engineers"
Dedicated website
"We Love Engineers"
Ad platforms
LinkedIn, YouTube, Display & Video 360, etc.

Kyocera’s campaign website

Engineers make the world move forward

The campaign is based on the concept that “engineers make the world move forward.” Without them, we wouldn’t have electric vehicles, smartphones, medical implants or renewable energy. Kyocera respects and supports all engineers and will continue to work with engineers of all disciplines to solve the difficult challenges of our time.

Analysis of the campaign’s video

The video’s narration begins with the hypothesis “Engineers are interesting creatures.” People of other professions may find it difficult to understand an engineer’s passion and ‘unique’ work ethic at times. Therefore, the video portrays their insatiable inquisitiveness, extraordinary concentration, and persistence amid difficulty in a lighthearted way. To demonstrate their irrepressible zeal for solving challenges, the video features an uplifting music track to contribute to the positive and lighthearted tone. In addition, the video has been cast almost entirely by actual engineers or engineering students to accurately illustrate the passion engineers feel for their jobs with realism and empathy.

Special website to honor engineers

A special web feature ( linked to the video will also be launched on Kyocera’s global website. It will feature interviews with engineers from Kyocera's partners and stakeholders, who discuss their views on product development and their work with Kyocera.

Kyocera is committed to developing innovations with engineers around the world to address urgent societal needs and create a better future for humankind.

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