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Componentes Cerâmica Fina

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Space & Astronomy Applications


Cordierite is an extremely low thermal expansion ceramic which was developed over two decades back, and we have been constantly improving on its characteristics since.


  • Minimal temperature deformation due to dense cordierite ceramic with an extremely low thermal expansion rate
  • Approx. 70% weight reduction when compared to low CTE glass* with a slim ribbed structure design featuring high rigidity
  • Rapid process time even for complex designs due to good machinability

* based on Kyocera's research


Temperature Dependency Graph <Cordierite CO720 >

Material Characteristics Comparison with Low CTE glass

ItemUnitLow CTE glassCeramic
<Cordierite CO720 >
Elasticity modulusGPa90145
Specific rigidity-3657

The values are typical material properties and may vary according to product configuration and manufacturing process.
** temperature dependency graph see above

Displacement Map***

3-Point Supported Deflection***

Comparison conditions:

  • Product size: Ø1020 x 120mm (rib structure)
  • Supported points: Outside 3 points
  • Load: Self-weight

*** based on Kyocera's research

  • Video

    Fine Ceramics technology supporting space observation 13 billion light years away